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8 million+ babies affected annualy

Birth Defects - one of the leading causes of death in the first year of birth. Most countries recommend and have started to offer routine mid-trimester ultrasound screening to monitor fetal growth and development to detect multiple structural fetal anomalies during gestation itself. 


Severe shortage of clinicians trained in fetal medicine

Reliable screening is necessary to offer scope for timely intervention, help clinicians closely monitor high-risk pregnancies to save both the fetus and the mother, allow clinicians and families to better prepare for post-natal outcomes, and most importantly offer reassurance and reduce anxiety for expecting mothers and their families.  

augmenting clinicians with the knowledge of specialists, in seconds

We are bridging the gap in the quality of prenatal care delivered through proprietary AI. We offer fully-automated and standardized mid-trimester assessments (FMF guidelines) and help clinicians triage and flag high-risk pregnancies at the point of the examination itself,  within seconds.


We are unique

Tailored AI

Proprietary AI tailored for fetal ultrasonography developed by AI scientists with years of research experience in medical imaging and computer vision. 


Simply drag and drop into an internet browser on a computer, tablet, or mobile platform. Hospitals need not spend efforts on additional hardware or installation setup.


Single software as a solution for all major ultrasound devices. Enhancing the diagnostic potential of the already deployed 100,000+ ultrasound devices. 


Fully-automated assessment of 20+ standard planes of 100+ fetal structures in seconds. Obtain biometry and assess soft-markers that were earlier impossible in clinical settings.


Decision Support System

Explainable assessments with reasoning for a data-driven clinical decision making at the point of examination itself. 


Our product development is led and envisioned by specialists from the UK, Singapore, and India. We make their clinical dream an engineering reality. 

Founding Team

Jens Thang

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Sripad Devalla

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Pooja Vyas

Fetal Medicine Specialist


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